About Hot Yoga Kenosha

Yoga can have a different meaning to everyone. The magic happens by just making to the mat and opening up to the changes you want in your life and they will come, with devotion and consistency.

Yoga consists of many deep layers that you unravel yourself slowly and steadily both physically, mentally, and spirituality. It has been continuously transforming both my life and my students lives. You find what yoga means to you and let that blossom, let that ride. You first figure out  what you want out of yoga and go for that. It’s multilayered infinitely and you may choose to take it where you feel it deepest in your soul.

I will help you accomplish your goals thru my successions and failures. I share a deep part of me that exists. That’s my passion. That’s my drive. Over several years we all created such an amazing community at HYK and I’m truly honored to have each and everyone of you that walk through the door. 

We all already know that HYK was created through you. My beautiful students and friends. We have all been through so much together. This community radiates LOVE, LIGHT, ACCEPTANCE, NON-JUDGEMENT with absolutely no expectations. You choose what yoga means to you and start right there. Make it to your mat and let you journey begin.

Jenna Martin - Owner

Yoga has unveiled and unraveled many layers of myself. Yoga has shown me a place of inner truth. I can just simply show you. Show you what I’ve learned and how yoga has transformed my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. I share what I am and what I have become through love, pain, trauma, suffering, energy, spirit, light and consciousness. These teachings are powerful, profound, and come from my heart.  When we connect to our inner truth and recognize the divine light within us, we create space to expand, grow, change, and evolve. I have dedicated my life to the practice and will continue to journey down the ever- evolving path.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Hot Yoga Kenosha Jenna Martin

Meet our Yoga Instructors

Jordan Tallman


Jordan is a 200 RYT, group fitness instructor, and fitness professional that is passionate about helping others reach their health and wellness goals with a positive mindset.

Her mission is to help others strengthen their physical and mental body, improve their mobility, and find the fun in working out. 

After experiencing a significant back injury herself, she is more than dedicated to helping her students feel confident in their wellbeing, in and out of the studio.

Sam Lechusz


Sam became RYT200 certified in June 2019. Vinyasa flow is her mainstay, which she has been practicing since 2004.

However, the Hot26 class was her first introduction to a heated class in December 2018. From that moment on, she knew heat was her jam.

When not practicing yoga, she loves to cook, enjoys being outside, and just being with her husband Jared and two young children Paul and Frankie. Namaste friends. See you in  on your mats!

Lena Rosenthal


After years as a Social Worker, then pursuing a career in Corporate Pharmaceuticals, I reached a point when it was time to stop, reflect, and reassess my life. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, I did some soul searching and registered to complete my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.  Lots of long hours, tears, laughs, and Sanskrit words later, I stand before you a yoga teacher, but more importantly, a better person than when I began this journey. 

It is my utmost honor and privilege to guide you through your HOT26 and ELEVATE practices.  Yoga has changed my life, the hot room has changed my life, and I strive to be a part of changing yours!  See you on the mat! Namaste, Lena.